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b-tandoodlez replied to your photoset “Nightwing had enough of you two dramatic duo.”

And this is why Broose didn’t bring Dick around back in Under the Red Hood because he wants all the drama for him and Jason… he also prolly knows that Dick can finish all the drama just like that. XD

Glad we have you back :)

To be honest their drama is like their thing ,it’s how their relationship work now. They almost make it up in Red Hood and the Outlaws #17, and then Bruce destroy it in Batman and Robin #20 _(:3」∠)_.

Anonymous said: hey i did something to one of your Nightwing Fan arts i was wondering if i could send it to you somehow?

You can send link in fan mail. If you want to keep in anonymously you can break the link down by typing quotation or something in between :)

Nightwing had enough of you two dramatic duo.

jandavolta replied to your post: " Do you want to bring them to justice…

My God I’m shipping it already

Good, my plan is working (evil plan laugh in background)

victory-sashes replied to your photo “ Do you want to bring them to justice?”  - An AU where Thomas Wayne…”

You are amazing, this is amazing. Never stop being amazing please.

(-/////-) I might have to stop blushing.

sorceressassassin replied to your photo “ Do you want to bring them to justice?”  - An AU where Thomas Wayne…”

And then they adopt Jason and Timmy as their sons.

Gosh, if Joker killed Jason in this AU, this two would totally broke down.

They already lost their son once, it would bring back all the nightmares.

It hurts so much, I love it. 

waysofgettinghome replied to your post: " Do you want to bring them to justice…

I didn’t know I wanted this until now but now I need it.

Welcome on board :D, this fandom is incredibly small.

Anonymous said: Your art is AWESOME!!! :D About the Bat Family Flying Gif set, it was funny as hell. As for Damian having friends that could fly, he did work on a case with Supergirl that one time (They were not getting along at the start but they got a long in the end).I think it was a Superman/Batman comic arc. Dubblex was the villain i think.

Oh, I did really that issue before, they were really cute ,although I totally forgot it until I finished the comic. 

I thought about changing the last panel to Damian flying by bunny suit Kara. That would be very adorable. but I like to have a little twist :P.

I might use that material someday :).

" Do you want to bring them to justice?"
An AU where Thomas Wayne and John Grayson  were the only one survived from the accident .They fight crime like Thomas did in Flashpoint.
My very own made-up unpopular ship :P.

b-tandoodlez replied to your post: b-tandoodlez replied to your photo “Ju…

THERE ARE MORE ROUNDS?!?!? AWWW YEAAAAAHHH!! XD XD Guess they lost track of the score hmm? :>

I want to make this sequel a flip flop, also bottom!Hal would be so hot. 

fabula-unica reblogged your post Just practicing some body anatomy. Pos… and added:

Goddamn, evinist is trying to kill me. You cannot tell me this is not happening on the Watchtower, and they meant not

In brightest day, in blackest night.

No ship shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship BatLantern’s might.

Be amused by my Fangirl’s sight.

 - BatLantern Oath, made-up by evinist.

b-tandoodlez replied to your photo “Just practicing some body anatomy. Pose has reference.”

Mmm~ You should do more anatomy practices then. HEEHEE~ Bruce’s butt tho. It’s amazing. HAHA! XD

Definitely keep practicing :P. I was actually thinking about switching their position, but I want let Hal finish this round.

scribedit replied to your photo “Just practicing some body anatomy. Pose has reference.”

oooohhhhh maaaaaaaan i approve of this. yes.

Glad you like it ;P.

Just practicing some body anatomy.
Pose has reference.

b-tandoodlez replied to your post: First time (probably also the last tim…

PENGUIIIIIIIIIN!!! Wait… Who took that photo then? Dick? XD XD

Since if Dick was around Bruce would ask him to take care Damian instead of Jason ,I think could be Roy who take the picture :P.

epigenetics replied to your post: First time (probably also the last tim…

For some reason I wonder if this is Bruce’s phone wallpaper, haha. Nice!

He definitely would use it for like a week XD, and looked at his phone during some endless meeting, laughing in his sleeve

First time (probably also the last time)  Jason babysat Damian.
Penguin come from X.

trickyarchangel replied to your post: My favorite Marvel pairing :D.

DEADPOOL. My night has been made. ILY so much. *sobs against my screen*

I love cablepool. I need more people ship they with me.

b-tandoodlez replied to your post: My favorite Marvel pairing :D.

I SHIP THIIIIISSSS!! Well, next to Spideypool and aaaaaah we all know what happens neeeext. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Maybe they just rub lotion on each other, just like in Deadpool’s dream :P. 

My favorite Marvel pairing :D.

jordanhass reblogged your post It took me a while to decide who shoul… and added:

my girlfriend made me reblog this… i am being held at gunpoint.

Please tell your girlfriend I said thanks :P.

sorceressassassin replied to your post: sorceressassassin replied to your phot…

Oh right! Duh! *facepalms* I even reblogged it! So…Damian next or are your morals getting in the way?

I buried my morals alive, and brought a crossbow in case it come back.

I not sure, it definitely would  be a little different since he’s ten and sleep like Dracula.

Anonymous said: Is it okay if I can use your batman/superman and turn it into a phone case?

I not against it for non-profit use and it’s for your own, which since I can’t stop it anyway when I put it online.

I actually glad you ask first, but I think this maybe shouldn’t be ask anonymously ?

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