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Anonymous said: Will you ever do a BruDami

Satan, is that you again? :3

Well, I’m really OK about incest “in fiction”, because you can control it in fiction. You can make this a good story and make it nice and believable without any reality crap.

TBH, I really want to try this subject, but it’s a real challenge to me and my followers._(:3」∠)_. Maybe I will just throw it out before the day I retire.

b-tandoodlez replied to your post: A bonus scene from X  I actually …

Now. KISS. Jason come get it, we know you want to. <3 And I love how Jason looks like he’s floating. owo

My friend said it looks like they are playing something like Bruce tossed Jason in the air and catch him XD.

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dexthefangirl said: I LOVE SUPERBAT!!!! Do you think you could do more?

I really wish I have time to do more Superbat, also BruDick, Brujay,Batlantern, Halbarry DickRoyJay, TimKon, WanderBat, Cablepool…..etc.

Sadly, time is always an issue _(:3」∠)_ and I might have too many ships…….

Anonymous said: lol no! you should leave the effect! it makes sense, i'm just obsessed with farts....

That’s OK, I think it still work. The effect would work better if I draw Dick’s feet next to Jason’s butt, but I’m too lazy to do that(what).Anyway, people can get it from the comic so I’m fine with it :P.

Anonymous said: Oop. I thought Jason farted lol.

Oh, that’s not good XD. OK, I remove the hit effect symbol now, if you want you can take this one :P.

fictionimitateslife said: You totally should make a DickSupes one. Those two would be so freaking hot together...

This ship was kind of like the “guilty pleasure” to me, and it would be fun :D. Just imaging Bruce have the father talk with Clark like “what are your intentions with my precious son?” XD.

A bonus scene from X 
I actually made this first but I was too lazy then thought it&#8217;s more fun to make it a comic :P.

A bonus scene from

I actually made this first but I was too lazy then thought it’s more fun to make it a comic :P.

chickenchickchickchicken said: Please more jaybru action! Doesn't have to be slash. But i'd love you so much if it is.

Just realized I haven’t made BruJay post since August_(:3」∠)_.

Well, there are still some drafts and ideas in the line for sure.

I am also trying to do something more finished like the Superbat post at least once a month for more practice, and I might pick Brujay for this month. Hope I could finish it on time :3.

b-tandoodlez replied to your post: evinist: Came after X.

Pretty much why Bruce’s legs are numb is because of the extra weight Dick is carrying around in his booty. :U

Nightwing, butt concentrated :3.( what)

b-tandoodlez replied to your post: Once a snuggler, always a snuggler. Fo…

Awww! This is sooo cute! Now I can imagine all the other batkids all cuddly. HEEHEE. <3

Dick would totally want to cuddle with everyone :D.

epigenetics reblogged your photoset and added:

So looking at Bruce’s hands, I’d guess he is…

To me it’s like the family’s gold retriever reached 80 pounds but still want to jump into your arms like he was a puppy and ended up knocked you to the floor situation XD.

iconuk01 reblogged your photoset and added:

There’s a fic to be had here, not even a BruxDick…

I always love picturing Dick just casually walk around in Bruce’s terror atmosphere and everyone just like “what the hell?”.

Came after X.

Once a snuggler, always a snuggler.

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A:There are so little cute, sweet, heartwarming fanfictions on AO3 these days.

B:Just stop typing BDSM in the search bar.

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14 bowls of Cereal came from X

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