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Anonymous asked: Do you have a personal blog?

Sorry, I don’t have a personal blog. Maintaining this one is killing me already _(:3」∠)_

epigenetics replied to your post “b-tandoodlez replied to your photoset “Bruce, isn’t this a little bit…”

Bruce? passing his childhood trauma onto his kids? NEVER. (by which I mean, yeah. XD) but, I’m pretty sure Bruce is against all lethal weapons, no? He doesn’t use knives to fight, and his explosives tend to the minor/cause-a-distraction type.

Yeah, what am I thinking? A man dress like a bat to fight crime passing childhood trauma to his kid? :P. I remember Bruce fight with sword in Arkham city game, and his missiles on Batmobile killed Bane in the movie. It just bugged me some times  when the standard is not very clear :P. which I blame DC.

b-tandoodlez replied to your photoset “Bruce, isn’t this a little bit double standard?”

GASP. And those guns didn’t even come from Bruce’s utility belt!!! XD That cape is so magical. OwO

No, there are no guns. Just some knifes, explosives, electric devices, and load of deadly crap with sharp edges. No guns :P.

epigenetics replied to your photoset “Bruce, isn’t this a little bit double standard?”

to be fair, none of those other things killed Bruce’s parents. XD (though, I always found it interesting that Batman used guns before Finger & Kane came up with Bruce’s origin story)

Well, if you consider the actual situation, this rule is too personal and not even practical. It’s almost make me feel like Bruce is passing his childhood trauma to his boys……..I still love Bruce anyway :P.

Bruce, isn’t this a little bit double standard?

As promise, Dick got Damian a penguin, which probably “borrowed” from Penguin.
Come after X

frank-o-meter said: In modern comics Robins have to die. If it’s not during the hot tub scene, it will be another time.

Yeah, I read it already, although i don’t think DC will ever make it an animate movie XD

b-tandoodlez said: They were enjoying it too much, if you ask me. HEHEHEHE. XD And I was thinking the same, too! “Uhhhm… Mom, dad… Help Dami?” But I think it’s because Bruce trusts Dami. OwO

At first I was like “OK , you want to save Talia first”, and then they start making out……..,seriously? It’s this like a backup plan, you are going to make another one in case this one dies?

thattoddgirl said: Even worse, he put Talia in the pit, BUT NOT DAMI OR JAY????

I think I separate the movie universe and the comic universe, so this didn’t really bother me. It’s bothers me when Bruce just left Deathstroke floating in the ocean…….I know he probably didn’t have time, but it’s like he didn’t even think about it.

I still think the movie was good.I might being picky, but I do expect more. Where’s Tim and why they cut off Dick and Damian’s fighting scene?

My “Son of Batman” review (spoiler alert)

Did Bruce just enjoyed hot spring bath with Talia and let their son fight alone? 

Something never change.

Anonymous asked: Imagine Bruce gets turned into a baby and the batboys have to take care of their father XDD I so wanna see Damian's face XDD

This reminds me when Deadpool chasing baby Cable around the AUs :D.

They will make a huge mess until Alfred come back to save the day. Damian will be very confused I think :D.

By the way, since Bruce never meet his boys when they were babies, I’m very curious what would happen if he have to take care all of them :D.

Although he probably would just call Alfred.  

b-tandoodlez replied to your post: My first review for Grayson :P - I thi…

AWWW! That little blue pail! Jay does caaaaaare! <3 XD

He cares in his own unique twisted way :P, although Blue Hood doesn’t sound that catchy.

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